KUPANDO is developing TLR 4/7 agonists that stimulate innate immunity for use in oncology and infectious diseases

Kupando is a pioneering biopharmaceutical company developing TLR 4/7 agonists that stimulate innate immunity for use in oncology and infectious diseases. The company uses its small molecule-based drug candidates to build a pipeline in several indications, in-house or via strategic partnerships, as single agent, or in combination with checkpoint inhibitors, other drugs or antigens. Its drug candidate KUP101 is the only TLR 4/7 agonist in development and consists of two small molecules, TLR4 agonist and TLR7 agonist, co-encapsulated. Kupando aims to deliver safe and affordable treatment for solid tumors and prophylaxis of infectious diseases. Kupando is headquartered in Schoenefeld, Germany.

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NEOsphere Biotechnologies supports the development of small molecule degraders within strategic partnerships

NEOsphere Biotechnologies is a pioneering proteomics company that creates value in strategic partnerships looking to systematically discover and develop therapeutic degrader targets that cannot be accessed by traditional small molecule approaches. Located in Munich’s biotech hub, the company uses cutting-edge mass spectrometry technology to screen libraries of tens of thousands of compounds against proteomes of more than 10,000 proteins. Purpose-built data processing systematically extracts high-probability candidates that are validated as novel degrader targets via mechanistic methods like ubiquitination analysis at an unprecedented depth of 50,000 sites. NEOsphere Biotechnologies’ integrated target discovery system connects innovative degrader chemistries to the previously untreatable proteome, revealing new entry points for drug development that generate broad pipelines of first-in-class therapeutics.

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IRUBIS offers analytical instruments based on mid-infrared spectroscopy as a new standard in real-time bioprocess monitoring

IRUBIS GmbH, a Munich-based biotech company, has developed Monipa to bring biological drugs faster to the market. This process analytical technology improves process development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals. Monipa is a mid-infrared spectrometer system that enables real-time monitoring and control of important parameters in bioprocessing. It’s single-use interface and the simplifying cal ibration model, revolutionizes the bioprocess industry. Monipa is already in use by key opinion leaders in the biopharma industry.

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Abalos develops a novel virus-based anti-cancer therapy that triggers immune cells to attck primary tumors and metastases

Abalos Therapeutics has harnessed the unique immune stimulation of the arenavirus to develop a novel anti-cancer approach that provides the full breadth of the immune system’spower specifically against cancer cells. Through viral replication within cancer cells, Abalos’arenavirus-based drug candidates are designed to awake precise innate and adaptive immuneresponses and activate all relevant immune cell types against primary tumors and metastases. Led by experienced biotech entrepreneurs and immunology pioneers, Abalos’ goal is to achieve a quantum leap in immuno-oncology.

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Navignostics provides spatial single-cell proteomic analysis of tumor samples to enable personalized therapies for cancer patients

Navignostics is a spin-off company from the University of Zurich, which is leveraging spatial single-cell proteomics to perform advanced analyses of tumor samples. As a start–up active in the personalized medicine field, Navignostics strives to provide innovative solutions to identify the best possible treatment for each cancer patient. In addition, Navignostics provides advanced services to pharmaceutical companies to accelerate cancer drug development and to contribute to companion diagnostic development.

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Nia Health

NIA health markets a clinical diagnosis and therapy software for patients suffering from chronic skin conditions

Nia Health is a spin-off of the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin. The start-up develops a clinical diagnosis and therapy system for the continuous digital support of patients with chronic skin conditions. With its platform, Nia Health addresses an often highly underserved patient population and generates treatment-relevant real-world evidence. With its innovative machine vision approach, Nia Health enables accurate documentation of disease and therapy progression and thus optimized treatment. The company works closely with German patient associations and leading clinicians. The digital medical solutions from Nia Health provide daily support for thousands of patients and their families.

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iQure Pharma

iQure Pharma Inc. is a CNS-focussed biotech company dedicated to the development of new epilepsy and pain management therapeutics

iQure Pharma, a global biotech firm headquartered in the US, is focused on the development of new therapeutics for CNS, including neuropathic pain, epilepsy and other neurodegenerative diseases. iQure’s leading compound, iQ-007, is a neuromodulator targeting toxic levels of glutamate in the synaptic cleft. An elevated level of glutamate leads to neurotoxicity and ultimately to neural degeneration. iQ-007 operates by a Positive Allosteric Modulation of Excitatory Amino Acid Transporter 2 (EAAT2 PAM), which is responsible for up to 90% of glutamate uptake. A decrease in EAAT2 function is observed in epilepsy, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, neuropathic pain and ALS. Preclinical in vivo efficacy and safety data strongly support the potential value of this compound for patients suffering from epilepsy, including those who have seen limited success with seizure control using existing medications. iQ-007 has successfully completed the prestigious NIH ETSP epilepsy screening program.

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PreOmics is a supplier of reagents and equipment for mass spectrometry-based proteomics, setting new standards for protein analysis

PreOmics empowers its clients in life sciences to establish biological knowledge through efficient, reliable solutions and workflows that set the standard for protein analysis. Our team spirit, energy, and commitment empower us to be both creative and quality focused – A trusted partner with deeply rooted scientific experience. We envisage a future with revolutionary proteomic discovery processes open for everyone. Tools that reveal hidden causes of diseases, ensure sustainable nutrition and provide diagnoses that enhance lives and society.

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RSP Systems

RSP Systems is developing a non-invasive monitoring device for diabetics that measures blood glucose levels fast and reliably without finger pricking

RSP Systems is dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of people worldwide through its unique and patented solution for non-invasive glucose monitoring. The first targeted application is a product line of non-invasive glucose monitors, which provides people with diabetes with a convenient, pain-free alternative to the current invasive solutions. RSP combines Critical-Depth Raman spectroscopy with advanced mathematical modelling to accurately measure glucose in the interstitial fluid. The Company has demonstrated its technology in numerous clinical studies in Denmark, Germany, and Sweden, accumulating more than 250,000 data points.

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SciRhom has developed first-in-class therapeutic antibodies against iRhom2, a key regulator of inflammatory processes, aiming to improve the treatment of autoimmune diseases

SciRhom GmbH, based in Martinsried, Germany, is a biotech company that translates science into the preclinical and early clinical development of novel biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of life-threatening autoimmune diseases. Based on longstanding academic research conducted at the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) and a well-established network of industry experts, SciRhom has profound experience in antibody development. The company has developed first-in-class anti-iRhom2 antibodies, which will enter clinical trials in 2024. Four comprehensive patent families cover the anti-iRhom2 antibodies and iRhom2-target epitopes, securing exclusivity and protection against me-too drugs.

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Qanatpharma is a Canadian-Swiss clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapies for cardiovasular disease

Qanatpharma’s drug development program streams focus on cerebral arteries that autoregulate brain perfusion and on skeletal muscle resistance arteries that govern total peripheral resistance, a key regulator of blood pressure. Research and clinical trials are carried out in close collaboration with the Toronto Centre for Microvascular Medicine (TCMM), embedded in a world-class innovation hub in the downtown Toronto university-hospital corridor.


Optimed is engaged in research, development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of high-quality medical products for minimal invasive therapy

Optimed, based in Ettlingen/Germany, is engaged in research, development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of high-quality medical products for minimal invasive therapy since 1996. A total of more than 200 employees in the headquarters, production and international sales guarantee that the company organization runs smoothly. Our „German Heart“ mentality pays off – not only in terms of the special quality of our products, also in terms of our consistently reliable supply chain.